JUXT has led the research and development of XTDB since the beginning. We are a team unified by strong ideals and our technology-focused mission to improve the software industry, with a huge legacy of open source contributions across the Clojure ecosystem and beyond.


  • Photo of Jon Pither

    Jon Pither


    Jon has led projects at Tier-1 Investment Banks, an online newspaper website, a major property portal, and an international public electric bikes scheme. Although he has largely traded Emacs hacking for Zoom meetings in his role as CEO, he is still deeply in touch with XTDB's implementation.

  • Photo of Malcolm Sparks

    Malcolm Sparks


    With over 40 years of applied Computer Science experience, Malcolm cut his teeth on the ZX81. He has a long history of building database systems and services. In his early years, he worked with SQLWindows, Oracle Forms, and Oracle CASE tools. After that, he even spent a few years as an Oracle DBA. Malcolm's thinking and experience has had a profound effect on XTDB's design and ethos. He is responsible for the open source Site Project, a resource server extension to XTDB.

  • Photo of Kath Read

    Kath Read


    Kath ensures the longevity of XTDB. The engineering team has designed a database for the 2030s. Kath has designed a financial plan to sure XTDB will still be here in 2030. After decades of financial oversight in the software industry, she provides the team with the insight required to balance an open source development model with commercial sustainability.


  • Photo of Jeremy Taylor

    Jeremy Taylor

    Head of Product

    Jeremy worked in sales at IBM before finding his passion for knowledge management. With the dawn of the graph data / linked data revolution, he joined the XTDB team in 2019 to bring his vision to the world.

  • Photo of Luigia D'Alessandro

    Luigia D'Alessandro


    Luigia brings the idea of the XTDB team to life. An immutable, bitemporal, HTAP database isn't always the easiest concept to explain (even to a technical audience) and Luigia keeps our feet on the ground by making XTDB accessible.

  • Photo of Steven Deobald

    Steven Deobald


    Steven spent his early career building enterprise data management systems at ThoughtWorks. After a period building trade infrastructure systems at DRW Trading, he moved to India. There, he helped build nilenso, an employee-owned boutique software engineering consultancy specializing in Clojure, event-driven architectures, and distributed systems. He caught the bitemporal graph bug while building an open source digital library system during a sabbatical and joined XTDB in 2020.


  • Photo of Håkan Råberg

    Håkan Råberg

    Head of Research

    Håkan has spent his career leading teams and architecting distributed systems. His open source contributions are an eclectic mix of compilers, Emacs transpilers, distributed rules engines, and more. In 2017, he was given an opportunity to marry a commercial Risk System with bitemporal Datalog -- and XTDB was born. Most weeks you will find him buried under a pile of white papers.

  • Photo of James Henderson

    James Henderson

    Head of Engineering

    James has spent his career building future-focused, data-oriented systems. Combining his experience with immutable architectures with his experience in event-driven architectures, he secures XTDB's real world applications. An expert in JVM languages (Clojure, Kotlin, and Java), his hobbies include creating Bridje, a statically-typed LISP for GraalVM.

  • Photo of Matt Butler

    Matt Butler

    Principal Engineer

    During his long career at JUXT, Matt has delivered numerous complex projects in multiple sectors, including telecommunications, infosec, and banking. Matt's affinity for hard problems now has him reading database white papers on weekends.

  • Photo of Dan Stone

    Dan Stone

    Senior Engineer

    Dan is a senior Clojure developer who spent significant time at Riverford, helping them revolutionize sustainable farming. Now he wrangles query optimizers to revolutionize the database industry.

  • Photo of Daniel Mason

    Daniel Mason


    Dan is a Clojure expert and passionate XTDB implementer. With development experience focused in Tier-1 banks and e-commerce, he has repeatedly helped ensure that XTDB exploits cutting edge research while remaining a practical, general-purpose database.

  • Photo of Joe Littlejohn

    Joe Littlejohn

    Advisory Architect

    Joe oversees all XTDB client delivery projects for JUXT, providing delivery assurance and architectural guidance. With decades of experience, he's grown a wealth of complex systems and maintained them in production.